"Curing Childhood Cancer One Cup at a Time"

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The goal is to cure cancer one cup of lemonade at a time.

Alex's Lemonade Stands returned to Bowling Green today with nearly 30 stands set up throughout the area.

The stands are not just about providing lemonade on a hot afternoon but honoring the memory of families in the area who have been affected by childhood cancer.

The annual Lemonade Day has become a community wide event raising more than $160,000 towards childhood cancer research and using over 400 volunteers of all ages.

"We're just giving lemonade to people so we can raise money and give it to the people who need help," says Sophie Penberton, who is volunteering.

"Cancer is such a bad thing and many people have lost their lives to cancer and were trying to find a way to cure people," adds Katie Heard.

"Just fun to make the lemonade and get donations to help find a cure for cancer," says Shelby Bearden, who is also volunteering by selling lemonade.

In addition to the stands, next Saturday Compton Orthodontics will host a first time Bowling Green Lemon Run at Kereiakes Park.

For more information on registering for the event click the link below.

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