DRA Responds to City's Lawsuit

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Downtown Redevelopment Authority in Bowling Green said this is the only way to get through to the city of Bowling Green.

"This organization has done nothing wrong."

Recently, the DRA's attorney David Lanphear filed an answer and counterclaim in response to a lawsuit the city filed on December 20th.

"It seems like this is the only way that this thing can be settled one way or the other. My wish since the first day I took over here in September of 2011, was that we could all work together," said DRA Executive Director Ron Murphy.

The city says the DRA is interfering with the public's use of Circus Square park and a nearby parking lot.

In the lawsuit they filed in December, the city says there is an issue with the deed and property lines, the DRA used money for their own improvements not owned by the city, and said they could use eminent domain as an alternative.

The DRA's answer denies several of the city's arguments, and the counterclaim said high level city officials bullied and interfered with the DRA and one of its projects with unreasonable requests.

Nonetheless, the DRA said it's moving ahead normally.

"We're moving forward. We have a venue coming up here this weekend, which is a bridal show. It's going to be a great event," said Murphy.

Murphy told WBKO last month, he felt the city was trying to get rid of his organization.

"I think it's a serious enough problem, the public should know what's going on and here both sides of the issue," said Murphy.

Ultimately, the DRA's counterclaim asks for the city's case to be dismissed.

DRA attorney David Lanphear says he's confident in their defense.

He says the next phase of this process will be the discovery of evidence.

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