DUI Arrests Up in Bowling Green

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Driving isn't just a necessity to some, it's an American pastime and source of fun. A vehicle can be turned into a weapon in an instant when a driver who is intoxicated is behind the wheel. In the month of February Bowling Green Police made 59 DUI arrests. That's a 13% increase from the same month last year and equals almost two arrests a day; but police say there's been no recent crackdown.

"We don't pick one particular day over another as far as cracking down on DUI. Everyday to us is crackdown on DUI because our officers do everything we possibly can to take drivers that are impaired off the road." said Officer Ronnie Ward of Bowling Green Police.

Police say the numbers fluctuate due to certain events and patrols taking place within the city limits, but one thing that never changes is signs of a drunk driver. One common misconception is that police only look for drivers who are swerving but, police say that's not necessarily true.

"Making wide right turns or even just drifting from one side of the lane to the other will give off a clue to the officer that they're possibly impaired. Driving without their headlights or making abrupt stops or quick starts. It's not any one thing in particular but it's a culmination of all of those things together." added Ward.

Police say there are a large number of reasons that drunk driving always has an alternative

"It's so much easier and it's so much safer and so much cheaper, to get a ride from someone else other than thinking that driving drunk is okay."

Though drunk driving isn't okay, people still do it and police know that and they're ready.

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