"Dairy Cliff" That Would Send Milk Prices High, Averted

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While many are concerned about the fiscal cliff, a cliff of another kind has been averted.

The Dairy Cliff was expected to send milk prices close to $8 a gallon in 2013.

That will now change as top leaders on the House and Senate Agriculture Committee have extended a farm bill.

Local milk producers, like Carl Chaney, don't believe prices would have risen to the extreme predictions.

"I will be very surprised. Matter of fact everything that I am hearing right now is what we are seeing on the producer level, our prices are going to start dropping. So I am trying to figure out how in the world are they going to raise prices in the store if they are dropping the price they are going to be paying us," says Chaney.

Chaney believes the talk of $8 milk was to scare lawmakers into taking action.

He says the New Year often brings cheaper prices.