Day 2 of Non-Resident Agreement Hearing

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Today was day two of the non-resident agreement hearing between Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent Schools.

Financial aspects were discussed from both parties.

Warren County Superintendent, Rob Clayton, testified there has been growth in his district over the last year, but he would not go as far to say they are in good financial standing.

Bowling Green Independent School's Finance Treasurer and Director, Jeff Herron, testified Warren county residents are not adding to Bowling Green's per pupil tax revenue.

Day two's hearing wrapped up right before our six o'clock show, our Kayla Vanover was able to catch up with both superintendents after they were dismissed. Click the link to view the full live interview.

The hearing will conclude tomorrow. The hearing officer will then review all discussions presented during the three day hearing.

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