Alleged Victim Testified Police Beat Him Excessively

Day four of the trial of Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton and two other law enforcement officials started with Glasgow Police officer, Jessie Barton, still on the stand.

Barton said Sheriff Eaton hit Billy Stinnett in the groin, but also said he lied under oath about it. The defense continued attacking his credibility.

The prosecution then called Billy Stinnett, the man who was allegedly beaten excessively in February 2010 by the defendants.

Stinnett said shortly after he crashed into Calvary Baptist Church in Glasgow, he gave himself up to police.

Stinnett also said he was not being combative or resisting. He did admit he was high on meth and led police on an hour long chase, but said he put hands behind his head to surrender.

Stinnett said Sheriff Eaton gave no verbal commands, but just began to hit him with a baton. Shortly after, he said he was handcuffed, and said he never pulled a knife on Eaton.

Stinnett said other officers hit him as well while he was not resisting arrest, and that he saw defendant Deputy Aaron Bennett's name tag.

Currently, Stinnett has a civil suit filed totaling 25 million dollars against Barren County and law enforcement.

The defense tried to get Stinnett to say it was an incentive to have the three defendants found guilty on criminal charges to help his civil suit, because if that's the case he would be more likely to get money in the civil suit.

The trial will resume tomorrow at 9:00 am in Federal Court in Bowling Green.

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