Defense Attacks Credibility of Key Witness

Day three of the trial for three Barren County law enforcement officials finished with a witness still on the stand.

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Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton, Deputy Aaron Bennett, and Barren County drug task force officer Eric Guffey are all charged with beating Billy Stinnett of Glasgow and lying to the FBI about it.

Wednesday began with former deputy Adam Minor still on the stand being questioned by the prosecution.

Minor says Billy Stinnett was beaten unnecessarily and it was a cover up. Minor did say Stinnett had a knife, but Eaton pulled it off him later.

Minor also said Stinnett was handcuffed while beaten and Eaton said to make a false report. Minor also said he lied under oath to a grand jury.

Because Minor said he previously lied under oath, defense attorney Guthrie True made attacking his credibility a priority.

Minor entered a plea with the government in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Minor was on the stand for about six hours.

Later on in the day, Glasgow Police officer Jessie Barton took the stand.

Barton did not see as much as Minor, but did say he saw Eaton punch Stinnett in the groin while he was handcuffed.

However, he had previously testified to a grand jury he didn't see this happen. In fact, he said he intentionally lied to the grand jury about the incident.

Barton said law enforcement was like a brotherhood and he didn't want to get anyone in trouble.

The trial resumes Thursday with Barton still on the stand.

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