Day of Caring: Family Enrichment Center

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The Family Enrichment Center, on Adams Street, had more than one-hundred volunteers working indoors and outdoors.
BGMU sent nearly fifty employees to prepare the grounds of the anticipated home for the facility's new “Wee-Care” Center.

"We've got great man power and lots of equipment that is able to take care of that. We've came in and not only cleared out the brush, we've done some repair work on the fence behind us here and some cleaning inside of the facility," said Mark Iverson, BGMU General Manager.

This area will soon entertain children visiting the Family Enrichment Center, allowing them to run freely in a safe, fenced in area.

"We feel an obligation to give back to our community and Day of Caring is one of many ways that we try to do that throughout the year," said Mark Iverson, BGMU General Manager.

BGMU is not the only popular group who visited the Family Enrichment Center to give back, WKU Athletics scrubbed walls and floors of the facility, making it presentable for its every day use.

"We've been mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, painting, changing out light bulbs. We've just been doing a lot of stuff that they can't get to on a day to day basis," said Zack McKay, WKU Athletics.

WKU Athletics had more than one-hundred volunteers throughout Warren County, completing various Day of Caring projects.

"With WKU Athletics, we ask the Bowling Green community to come out to games and events throughout the year. So, this is a great opportunity for us to kind of give back to people who help us out. United way is tremendous with our “Live United White Out” game, coming up on August 29. So, it's just a great partnership with us and the Bowling Green community, helping out those who are less fortunate than us in the region," said Zack McKay, WKU Athletics.

A full eight hour day was spent providing the Family Enrichment Center an overdue facelift, building a safe place for families area wide.

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