"Day of Caring" Volunteers Doubled Since Starting Five Years Ago

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The United Way of Southern Kentucky's "Day of Caring" is tomorrow, and officials are thrilled with the event's growth.

United Way

The first year 400 people volunteered. This year 800 volunteers have signed up. That's less than the 1,200 from last year, but they say the impact will be just as strong.

"The impact is still there and with events like this you're going to have your ebbs and flows -- high volunteer rates and then you'll drop back off a little bit one year and then you'll come back the next year. But again, it's such an impactful event for the community and to still have doubled the numbers of what you've had in five years and be able to see the true impact and to know that your impact is growing every year and you're still taking what little resources you have and making really big deals with them is really what the Day of Caring is all about," said Mandy Hicks from United Way.

Hicks said they are always looking for volunteers. If you're interested in volunteering, visit the United Way website.

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