Trial Ends Tuesday with Key Witness Still on the Stand

Day two of the trial of Barren County law enforcement officials is finished.

In February of 2012, Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton and Deputy Adam Minor, Deputy Aaron Bennett, and Barren County Drug Task Force official Eric Guffey were indicted for allegedly beating Billy Stinnett in 2010 while he was handcuffed, then covering it up.

Eaton was also accused of intimidating a witness.

In May of 2012, Adam Minor pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI. That's the only count to which Minor pleaded guilty.

The attorneys gave their opening statements Tuesday.

Guthrie True, the attorney for Sheriff Eaton, believes evidence will show Stinnett was armed and the time line was to short for a brutal beating.

Brian Butler, the attorney of Barren Co Drug Task Force Officer Eric Guffey, thinks case will show FBI has varying reports of what Guffey said.

Robert Alexander, the attorney for Barren Co deputy Aaron Bennett, said case will show Bennett used proper force, to secure Stinnett's hands.

The prosecution plans to use Minor to testify against the three defendants.

The prosecution believes the evidence will show this was a brutal beating by the three defendants of a man who had surrendered himself. The prosecution also said the evidence will show Sheriff Eaton was even laughing about the alleged beating and tried to cover up the incident.

After opening statements, the prosecution called witnesses who were at Calvary Baptist Church in Glasgow.

Stinnett had led police on an hour long chase before he crashed into the church. He had a meth lab in the van with him and was high on meth.

The witnesses were teenagers at the church who said they saw Stinnett being beaten unnecessarily while he was handcuffed.

The defense cited the potential danger of Stinnett, and differences in testimonies of the teenagers.

Then, the prosecution called former deputy Adam Minor.

He gave a very detailed time line of the events.

Minor said Stinnett was beaten severely because they were mad at him for leading them on a chase.

Court adjourned Tuesday with Minor on the stand. We are following the trial daily and will continue to update you as the trial progresses.