Update: Death Investigation in Edmonson County

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The body of Jeremy Priddy, 28, was found at his home on Ray Vincent Rd. in Edmonson County around 7:30 Tuesday night.

Police say it was a homicide.

According to family members, Priddy was found on the floor brutally beaten.

A yard full of toys has now become the scene of a murder.

"This is Jeremy's house. They said he worked yesterday. I don't know for sure what time he got in from work. From what I gathered they found him yesterday evening and called the authorities," says Priddy's life-long friend, Darrell Duvall.

"When they got there they located the victim in the floor, Jeremy Priddy. At that time they contacted the coroner's office, and he was pronounced dead at that residence," Trooper Greg Dukes with Kentucky State Police.

Duvall says Jeremy Priddy was the type of person who was liked by everyone.

"Jeremy was the type of person everytime you see him he was smiling-- always had something funny or good to say to everybody."

Ray Vincent Rd. is occupied by most of the Priddy family.

'His grandparents live here, his sister next-door and his parents just two houses down," Duvall says.

When his brother-in-law came next-door to visit last night, that's when he says he found Jeremy's body, bruised and beaten.

Priddy lived in the home with his girlfriend and her two children.

"He had a big part in their life. I'm sure they are devastated too. It's just bad every way you look at it," Duvall says.

Duvall says the murder of Jeremy Priddy has left an entire community devastated.

"You don't hear of things like this in a small community like this. This is big city stuff but it's coming home to everybody."

If you have any information on the murder of Jeremy Priddy, call Kentucky State Police at 782-2010.

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