Presidential Debate: Small Businesses Hot Topic, Locals React

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Both presidential candidates agreed Wednesday Night that small businesses are a vital part of our nation's economy.

That same sentiment is felt here in South Central Kentucky.

"There are so many of the little businesses that make up the majority of the people that are around," says Dafnel Fulcher.

Fulcher owns Sweet Temptations. With her investment in the economy, she is keeping an eye on this years elections. Her major concern for the next President, taxes.

"I employ people here and we want to employ people and we would love to employ more but because of the high taxes that we already pay it's really hard on a small business person," says Fulcher.

Leslie Bowles agrees it's tough to open a new business. She and her husband opened their consignment shop in August with some help from family.

"We have had a lot of family support. We have put a lot of time into the building, a lot of manual labor and a lot of money. Money goes into starting any type of business," says Bowles.

And money is her concern for the next President.

"It's the middle class people that are struggling. It's people like my husband and I that are trying to open this business and get it up and running so it is a big concern," says Bowles.

Some businesses have had it a little easier than others. Joshua Poling admits his restaurant has been doing well. He hopes more people have an opportunity to takes chances on opening a business.

"It's important for me just to see more incentives to be a small business owner. It takes a lot of guts and someone especially like me I am young and I put my life on the line to open this restaurant," says Poling.

All business owners agree, the economy should be the main topic in this years elections.

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