Hundreds Attend Opening Of New Allen County Judicial Center

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It was standing room only as Allen County celebrated the opening of their new justice center. The state of the art facility has been years in the making and a dedicated board decided on everything from the woodwork inside, straight down to the floors.

But the most important aspect has been keeping people safe.

"The security. The security is a big difference between our old facility which we enjoyed for so many years, but it could not be secured like this building can," says State Representative Wilson Stone.

The latest in technology, including video surveillance, ensures every room is secure. Extra steps are also taken to keep the men and women on the bench out of harms way.

"We are able to bring in inmates in and out of holding cells instead of having them seated in the courtroom," says Judge Janet Crocker

Justices can also rest easy with more than 41,000 square feet of space. Space that was desperately needed.

"In our old building we basically tried to run three courts with two courtrooms. Some of our judges did not even have an office space so again our clerks were really cramped," says Judge Crocker.

But the added space that comes with the new Allen County Judicial Center almost didn't get off the ground.

"Just as this building was sorta about to be put on the drawing board we ran into this great recession. So there was some question if we should continue in such an economic environment and we were able to overcome that hurtle."

Representative Stone says the rally of the community was able to make the dream of a new courthouse become a reality.

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