Dentists Offer Day of Free Care

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Free smiles are just what the doctor ordered at Chandler Park Dental Care today.

Hundreds in Bowling Green lined up for their chance to get free dental services.

The Third Annual Smiles from the Heart Event aims at giving back to the community.

"It means I can smile and feel good about smiling,"says Lynette, a Patient

While most aren't excited about going to the dentist many waited in line, some overnight, to get free dental work.

"I had a filling to save a front tooth,"says Lynette.

"Today I had two fillings. It was not as bad as I was expecting it was actually pleasant,"says Lee Cox.

"They get a choice between a filling, extraction, or a cleaning,"says Dr. Eli Jackson, of Chandler Park Dental Care.

Dentists from Chattanooga...

"I hope I can help fill a need even with our health care reforms we have there are still holes and there's still people that need some help,"says Terrence Major, a Dentist from Chattanooga.

And even as far as South Carolina lent a helping hand.

"A lot of folks just kind of fall between the cracks and don't have the ability to get the proper dental care or even get to a dentist,"says Bobby Collins.

"One of the reasons I let my cavity go is because I don't have health or dental insurance so I can't afford to go out and get a cavity filled just whenever I need it filled,"says Cox.

"It just takes so much to get by anymore you just let things like that go, things you can do without,"says one patient who got her teeth cleaned.

But Collins says a healthy smile means a longer life.

"Dental hygiene is directly related to the health and well being of our body because it's the place where germs enter our body."

For Dr.. Eli Jackson it's all about giving back to those in need.

"Their not alone in their struggles,"says Jackson.

"What they have done today is a blessing,"says Lynette.

Jackson says they will see nearly 300 patients which totals almost $90,000 in dental work.

They saw between 25 and 30 people an hour starting at seven this morning and ending at five this evening.

Dentists came from as far as Texas and Pennsylvania.

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