Despite Thousands Of Dollars In Budget Cuts, Warren County Parks Succeed

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Budget cuts had Warren County Parks & Recreation seeing red, until some creative minds got to work.

"Here at country parks we kinda proud ourselves on doing a lot with very little," says Director Chris Kummer.

That task became harder earlier this year when Warren County cut more than $200,000 from the parks & rec. budget.

"Immediately after that we started getting creative with how are we going to be able to keep these programs in tact and still make the mandated reductions," says Kummer.

Changes could have included closing the county pool, cutting use of playing fields and lowering maintenance standards. Parks & Rec. Director Chris Kummer came up with a better plan, introduce a revenue stream.

"That will help us maintain the current level of service. It will also help us with unforeseen circumstances because in our business crazy things happen. You could have a bad storm in the spring. You could have a hard winter," says Kummer.

Two months into the fiscal year more than $22,000 has come in through small fees added to use the pool and playing fields. County parks hope to meet a $100,000 goal. Cuts were still possible to other athletic programs, like basketball, until an unlikely source stepped forward.

"I heard about a concern, a problem of budgetary cuts within our county, and we said hey we've got a great facility here that we would love to use to really put our money where our mouth is and say we love this city we are for the welfare and benefit of this city and so lets do something about it," says Michael Edwards of Living Hope Baptist Church.

Without that community support, Warren County Parks & Rec says many programs would be shut down.

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