Diddle Arena Preparing To Host Fans For Selection Sunday

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The thrill of victory has turned in to the agony of uncertainty. WKU fans won't know until Sunday where or who they play in the NCAA tournament. That hasn't stopped some die hard fans from reserving their ticket.

"We are up to over 500 requests online. With each site we only get 550 tickets they give us for the NCAA. So it's going to be hard for us to get everybody filled," says Matt Morrison, Assistant Athletic Director / Ticket Operations.

Right now, analysts predict WKU could play as close as 265 miles away in Dayton, Ohio or as far as 1,600 miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah. Venue location will play a key role.

"It depends on where we play at. We might take a fan bus also if it's close enough," says Thomas Harris, Marketing Intern.

Decisions will be made Sunday during the NCAA Selection Show where Diddle Arena will host a watch party beginning at 4:00 p.m.

The athletic department remained busy Friday preparing for thousands of fans.

"Once we get the announcement Coach Harper will speak, the trophy will be on display and then also we will have an autograph session once it's all over," says Harris.

For those who still haven't gotten their hands on the championship winning t-shirt The WKU Store will be on location. They have some shirts hiding in the back of the store because of the high demand.

"People are coming in and buying them by the arm loads right now. So we are selling a lot of shirts and we do have a shirt we are going to bring out for the pairings," says Associate Director, Jim Sears

Sears says this is the second batch of shirts but there will be plenty for Selection Sunday.

WBKO will be following Selection Sunday and will have all the updates on-air, online, and on social media throughout the weekend.

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