Dog Digs Up Long-Lost Dog Tags

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PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) -- A western Kentucky man who lost his Marine Corps dog tags about 30 years ago has had them returned thanks to a dog that likes to dig and its resourceful owner.

The Paducah Sun reports the tags made their way back to 76-year-old Joe Tharp this week via a sheriff's deputy.

The tags started their journey after being dug up by a 7-month-old Labrador retriever named Emma. The dog's owner, Jerri McNeil, contacted police to report the find and help find the owner.

Deputy Jason Walters said he ran Tharp's name through records and found an address. Tharp didn't live there anymore, but his stepdaughter did and she told the deputy how to find him.

Tharp says he appreciates getting the mementos returned.

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