Domestic Dispute Puts Two Children in Danger

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A bizarre turn of events happening in Bowling Green this weekend.

Police received a call about a naked woman fighting her boyfriend in the Economy Inn parking lot Saturday morning.

It happened around 2:30
Police say Patricia McCormick and Samuel Hollis were under the influence of drugs, and possibly alcohol.

"The female had appeared to be naked. They also said there were two juveniles, ages 5 and 7 outside in the parking lot as well, and they were both screaming and crying. When officers arrived, the suspects, as well as the juveniles had already made their way back into room 34," says Bowling Green Police Officer Ryan Dillon.

That's when McCormick and Hollis barricaded their motel room door with furniture.

At one point, one of the children was even placed behind the door, making police unable to attempt to break through the door.

"The police department called the fire department to help gain entry into the apartment because the door is steal. And Mr. Hollis and Mrs. McCormick also barricaded the door. Once entry was finally gained a fight ensued, and Mr. Hollis and Mrs. McCormick both resisted arrest," Officer Dillon says.

The fire department was able to get both children out safely.

McCormick and Hollis are both in the Warren County Regional Jail.

Police say both children told them they had not been fed that day.

Both children are now being cared for by social services.

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