Donations From Bailout Companies Fuel Campaigns

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- Kentucky's U.S. Senate candidates have accepted more than $229,000 in campaign contributions from companies that benefited from the government's 2008 Wall Street bailout.

The bailout has been a central part of the Republican primary between Sen. Mitch McConnell and Louisville businessman Matt Bevin. Bevin has criticized McConnell's vote to approve the bailout, while McConnell has nicknamed his Republican challenger "Bailout" Bevin for signing a document in 2008 that called the bailout a positive development.

Donors from companies that benefited from the bailout clearly prefer McConnell. The Senate Republican leader has raised more than $200,000 from bailout companies or their employees. That's slightly more than 2 percent of the $10 million McConnell has raised since 2013.

Bevin accepted more than $6,000 from bailout companies while Democratic front-runner Alison Lundergan Grimes has accepted more than $20,000.

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