Donations Vital For BG / Warren County Rescue

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Along with the Bowling Green Fire Department, the Bowling Green and Warren County Rescue Department was able to save two fishermen in distress.

"We fill gaps that other organizations in the community do not fill. You saw the prime example of that yesterday (Monday). There's no other agency or organization here that can offer the swift water that we offered yesterday." said Deborah Williams of the Bowling Green / Warren County Rescue Department.

The boat involved in Monday's rescue is still stuck on the rocks but the fishermen are safe. Officials at the Bowling Green and Warren County Rescue Department say saves like these would not be possible without the help of the community.

"Community support is critical for what we do. We have a lot of community contributions to our organization. The biggest piece of what we have is that we have contributions from individuals and families in the community." added Williams.

With a very small portion of their budget coming from the county, the agency has to fund raise in many ways, like going door to door and offering family photographs. All that fund raising pays off when a purchase is made like the recent one of "Truck Five". The emergency response vehicle cost only $40,000 dollars, while similar ones cost five times that cost. All this effort is made to help the community.

"When we have fundraisers that go door to door the last thing some people want to see is somebody coming to their door and asking for a contribution but they always support us and we really appreciate it." commented Williams.

No doubt that as long as the community is there for the rescue department, they'll be there for it too.

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