Down Syndrome of South Central Ky Celebrates Opening of Buddy House

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Those with Down Syndrome and their families will now have a place to learn, and have fun in their new Buddy House.

It began when a few parents of children with Down Syndrome noticed a similar program while at the Special Olympics in Louisville.

"Five years ago, the dream began, and we never realized in five years we would be in this building," said Buddy House Director and parent Jane Tichenor.

Tichenor says the community and contractors working under budget made this possible.

"When they found out what it was for and what we were doing here, the generosity and hearts of people opened up for us," said Tichenor.

One group of WKU students participating in a project called $100 Solutions helped decorate the Big Red room for educating older participants.

"It's intended to teach students they can make a world of difference with only a hundred dollars," said $100 Solutions Member Micah McClendon.

The students decorated the room for just $35 and plan to spend the rest on books and other supplies for the room.

""It'll be a good hangout," said Buddy House participant John Michael Huffman.

When asked if she was excited about the new building, Buddy House participant Kate Tichenor said "Yes mam!"

Tichenor says people with Down Syndrome are capapble of so much more than many once believed.

"I think we have a testament with the people right here in Bowling Green with all the things and accomplishments those with Down Syndrome have accomplished," said Tichenor.

Those accomplishments are something Tichenor hopes will build as the program reaches more families with it's home.

The program will have an awareness night at Bowling Green Ballpark on Aug. 24. They will host their annual Buddy Walk on September 14. Tichenor says it's funds from events like these that help pay for the Buddy House.

For more information on the Buddy House, and some of Down Syndrome of South Central Kentucky's upcoming events, see the link below.

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