Dozens Fight To Keep Taylor County Animal Shelter Open

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The street leading to the Taylor County Animal Shelter was filled with signs and those hopeful their voice would be heard.

Judge Executive Eddie Rogers recently announced the shelter will change to a holding center. That means it would no longer be open to the public for adoptions.

It's a change not sitting well with residents.

"Unbelievable. Just absolutely unbelievable. Our tax dollars built that shelter," says Pat Abell.

"I paid taxes for 40 plus years and I think my money is funding this shelter. I think we should have had a say before they closed it," says Sharon Spurling.

While many were street side with their support others took action by adopting man's best friend. Animal groups made their way in to save as many pets as they could.

"Well out of love and compassion for animals in this state this place is really in bad shape. We are pulling this dog because it's future is not good right now," says Rick Murphy from the Bowling Green - Warren County Humane Society.

Allegations have been made against the Taylor County Shelter for not properly caring for animals. Those at Tuesday's rally say they aren't there to get employees in trouble. Instead, they want the county to step up to bring in others who can give the shelter what it needs.

"Do they need help? And then give them help. If they need volunteers to come in, if they need materials. What do they need?," says Rally Spokesperson Harry Reif

"We want our animals treated with respect and dignity and we try to find homes for as many as possible," says Pat Abell.

What concerns most residents is the what may happen when they lose a pet. They say they will have to go to greater lengths to find a pet since there would be no local shelter. Many pets could be moved to shelters in Lexington and Louisville.

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