Dream Becomes Reality for Buddy House

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After 5 years in the making today one local organization is a step closer to making their dreams become reality.

The non-profit group has made a big purchase in order to better the lives of those with down syndrome.

When Jane Tichenor gave birth to her daughter 25 years ago she did not know what challenges having a child with down syndrome would bring.

"When my daughter was born I had not one clue about what the future would hold,"says Tichenor.

And now part of her future holds opening the Buddy House along with the Down Syndrome Support Group of South Central Kentucky.

"For 5 years we've talked about it had fundraisers and spread the word through the community and said it's going to happen and now it has,"says Tichenor.

After raising nearly $100,000 construction began today for 522 State Street to be transformed into a support center for local people with down syndrome and their families.

"This will be a continuing learning and education center for all individuals with down syndrome from pre-natal diagnosis, for mothers who just found out they are having a child with down syndrome to adulthood,"says Scott Essler, President of Down Syndrome South Central Kentucky.

"With down syndrome I've seen that life shouldn't end after high school,"adds Tichenor.

It will also be a place for those with down syndrome to learn, teach, get support, and make friends.

"I have a 23 year old son David, with down syndrome and I just can't tell you enough about what he has taught me and what these kids have to offer family and society in general. It's unlimited what we can help them do,"says Essler.

Tichenor says she hopes it will be a place where they can find their own identity in society.

"One of the motto's is we are more alike than different. We found that individuals with down syndrome can hold jobs and contribute as citizens in the community."

They hope to have the buddy house open by March 21st of 2013, in honor of World Down Syndrome day.

Essler says even though they have the location for the Buddy House they need donations and volunteers now more than ever, in order to put the programs into action.

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