UPDATE: Dream Becomes Reality for Buddy House

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After five years of planning and raising nearly $100,000 the dreams of one local organization have become reality.

After three months of construction the Buddy House is receiving it's final touches before the grand opening.

522 State Street has been transformed into a support center for local people with down syndrome and their families.

"Bottom line anything a parents calls and says I need help with this we will find a way to help. Now that we have a space we can call our own it will be a place for parents to come and get the resources and education they need," says Scott Essler, the President of Down Syndrome South Central Kentucky.

A space that the mother of 5 month old Fletcher hopes will be a place to create a life long bond.

"We may not know each other socially but through our children. Their extra chromosome connects all of us and it's fantastic,"says Julie Doss, the mother of Fletcher.

Not only will it be a safe haven but a way to make sure learning doesn't end after high school for those with down syndrome.

"We have two classrooms, one for teens and adults, and one for newborns through elementary school. We also have a full operating kitchen so they can learn social skills and life skills," says Essler.

"It's not based on chronological age but where are they physically in their milestones, and to be supported not ostracized," says Doss.

For Julie she hopes the buddy house can be a second home to embrace the differences of those with down syndrome.

"He's special just like all children are and when I would say oh he has down syndrome people would be like I'm sorry, I would say why I'm not sorry."

It's the only house of it's kind in the area.

To see the complete transformation you can go to the grand opening of the Buddy House next Thursday from 10-6p.m.

It will be open to the public.

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