Drivers Pleased with Plans to Change Area Roads

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Kentucky House voted in a Transportation Budget Bill on Tuesday.

It includes a road plan that would affects several roads in the area.

"I avoid Scottsville Road every chance I get. It's just madness," said one driver, Tom Rogers.

Other drivers around town also said they're pleased with the plan that's expected to improve the traffic flow around town.

The plan includes adding another lane for turning onto Cave Mill Road.

"Anything to relieve traffic on that road. It's just a nightmare," Rogers said.

"Make it a lot safer for turning there because people tend to drive pretty fast on Scottsville Road," said another driver, Phillip Shubbuck.

Another part of the plan is to remove a signal light in the area.

"That stop light, that signal light, has kind of been there in the middle and it does cause traffic to back up through the lights, particularly at Cave Mill Road. So I think that will be a positive step also," said Representative Jody Richards.

If you take that turn onto Cave Mill, you'll eventually get to 31-W, which also would see some changes.

The plan is to make it five lanes from d Dillard Road to Michael Buchanon Park.

"Make a little more room on the road. Might help prevent wrecks if there's more room, more space for people," Shubbuck said.

Another big widening project would be Interstate-65 from Bowling Green to Elizabethtown -- where it would become six lanes.

"This represents a consensus of Warren County legislators and our leadership in Bowling Green and Warren County that we feel like we need in order to continue to move our city and county forward. So, I'm delighted about it and certainly hope that all these projects stay in the Senate's budget," Richards said.

The road plan is not a done deal until the Transportation Budget Bill has also been approved by the Senate.

Construction of a road that would allow for direct access from the Kentucky Transpark to I-65 is also part of the plan.

The project is scheduled to be complete within two years.

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