Drivers Prepare for Costly Travel Season

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- "A big change, big change," said one driver, Stella Hicks from Bowling Green, about gas prices.

As they fill up their cars, they're watching their wallets get emptier.

"But you have to have it and they know you have to have it." reports that it will be the most expensive 4th of July in six years for travelers across the country with the average price being about $3.70.

"I just wish they'd get it regulated so people could survive," Hicks said.

While the report said violence in iraq has some worried about supply stability, there are "hot spots" with expensive gas for unrelated reasons in several states.

Kentucky is listed as one of them.

In fact, it's 30 cents per gallon above what it was last year.

"Well, I've been staying in Tennessee for the past six months, and gas is a lot cheaper over there than here," said Rackmey Sean, traveling from Tennessee.

The report said it's because of unexpected refinery downtime.

While drivers would rather see cheaper prices, they know they've just got to adjust their budgets.

"It takes more out of my pocket, yeah, but other than that, just regular, like buying food, how food costs are going up too," Sean said.

For some, it means less time traveling this summer -- and less time with family living in other states.

"My daughter lives in Lafayette, my uncle lives up there, and it's really high up there right now, really high, like 4 dollars a gallon," Hicks said.

Gas Buddy reports that fewer millennials are on the roads -- creating a lower demand once the busy holiday driving season passes.

It also estimates that Americans will pay almost $1.5 billion per day for gasoline during this 4th of July holiday week.

That's $50 million more each day than last year.

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