"Drug Trailer" Teaches Students to Stay Off Drugs

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Students at Warren Central High School got a first-hand look at the side effects of drugs Tuesday.

Kentucky State Police set-up their Substance Abuse Information Center to show students what different drugs look like, and what they can do to people.

The Drug Trailer is an interactive, hands-on learning center on wheels.

"Some of the drugs in there, I really never have seen of, or heard of before, so it was really new to me in there," say Raymond Smith, Warren Central Senior.

"We think it's important not only for our students, but also for our staff to have an opportunity to see firsthand the different types of drugs, the dangers of drugs, and how important it is to stay away from drugs," says Nancy Booth with the Warren Central Youth Service Center.

The Substance Abuse Information Center stops at different schools to teach kids about drugs, so they can stay off drugs.

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