Edmonson County Woman Seeking Justice After Uncle's Death

This day a year ago was a difficult time for Carey Woodcock and her family.

She lost her uncle, Gregory Harrison of Brownsville in a shooting in Bowling Green on the railroad tracks near Clay Street.

"He would never hurt anybody. He never did hurt anyone. I was very shocked. I could not believe it, I thought well maybe it's somebody else. I could not believe anything like this had happened," said Carey Woodcock, niece of deceased Harrison.

Now with attorney Gary Logsdon, she has filed a civil suit against the city of Bowling Green and multiple members of the Bowling Green Police Department including the man who killed her uncle, Officer Keith Casada.

"Somebody has to answer for what has been done," said Woodcock.

"This was a use of deadly force against a person who was disarmed, unarmed and was no threat to anyone who was shot at a distance in excess of 70 feet by a police officer using an assault rifle," said Logsdon.

There were never any criminal charges brought in this case.

Police reports from the incident on August 12, 2012 say Harrison refused commands to stop approaching police.

Also, police reports say Harrison was intoxicated, hiding his hands and shouting wildly.

Harrison was mentally challenged and Logsdon said this was not the way to handle the situation.

"They're should be a protocol for handling cases involving the mentally disabled or the mentally challenged," said Logsdon.

Monday, Woodcock is asking for justice, but also remembering her uncle.

"He was a very special person. He was very loved, he's missed by our whole family," said Woodcock.

The suit is asking for damages to be paid on multiple grounds including violation of Harrison's rights and funeral costs.

WBKO also reached out to Bowling Green Police for comment, but they declined to comment because this is pending litigation.

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