Effects of Possible Government Shutdown in South Central Kentucky

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Democrats and Republicans continue to debate on Capitol Hill as a possible government shutdown draws closer.

It's still hours away but what will the shutdown mean on a national level and for those right here in South Central Kentucky?

"I'm sure there are those that will be affected and that is of some concern to me but as far as the day to day, taking my kids to sports, going to work, going to school, doing what I have to do, I don't see it quite as much," says Brandon Phillips of Bowling Green.

"I'm more concerned about our representatives in both the senate and the house not being able to do something very basic, and that is have a budget for our country. I have a budget for my business, the school board has a budget for their school and I just think it's beyond belief that we can't get a basic budget to curtail spending," says Tom Pennington of Bowling Green.

As the Republicans and Democrats continue to battle over de-funding the Affordable Health Care Act a government shutdown looms and it comes with a price tag.

"If we're looking at a day or two we're not looking at much of an impact but if we have a 21 day shutdown where we are really starting to feel the pinch, several people have gone 3 weeks with out work then we can start to feel it on a much larger economic scale," says Jeanne Fisher, Financial Planner.

If the shutdown takes place tonight some effects will be felt immediately, including the closing of Mammoth Cave.

"Local government employees may be furloughed some military personnel could receive IOU's instead of an actual paycheck. VA benefits could be affected although medical
services will continue, and you may experience delays if you are trying to get a federally backed loan maybe you're a first time home buyer, or you're trying to get a new passport issued," says Fisher.

While a shutdown is a rare but not unheard of occurrence many agree it's a waste of money that could be avoided.

"This is a political game. It's a game of chicken and we're going to see which caves first the Republican House or the Democratic Senate so this is in most people's opinions a waste of taxpayer's time and money," adds Fisher.

If an approved spending plan is reached the first shutdown in 17 years could be avoided.

The Post Office, Air Traffic Control, food stamp, and unemployment services will remain in place with only non-essential government agencies shutting down.

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