Eighth and Final Corvette Found in Sinkhole

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- At the National Corvette Museum, the eighth and final corvette left in the sinkhole has been found.

Workers thought they discovered a piece of the car Friday, but it was a portion of the red pace car that was lifted out weeks ago.

Late yesterday, crews found the wheels of the Z06 red Mallett Hammer.

The corvette was donated to the museum by Kevin Helmintoller, in December 2013.

"My son and I have been in it, going about 180 to 185 miles per hour. My dad and I did the 50th Anniversary caravan trip. Obviously my wife and I have been out on a lot of dates in it. It is a part of the family," said Kevin Helmintoller, doner.

Workers are still digging around the car to prepare for its lift.

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