Severe Weather Tips

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It looks like it's only a matter of time before severe weather hits our area.

The sound of emergency sirens is something emergency management says you should be listening for. Because the storm is likely to hit our area in the early morning hours, you cannot rely on seeing visible warning signs. Emergency management urges you be alert and listen for warnings.

"In our community, we have outdoor warning sirens we will activate. We have indoor warning systems we'll activate for everyone to be aware, but for the personal individual, I recommend they buy a weather radio... pay attention to what's going on in the media, and the time frames expected," said Warren County Emergency Management Director Ronnie Pearson.

If you don't have a storm shelter nearby, stay in the lowest and most central part of your home or find a friend with a basement.

Alvaton has two emergency shelters, one at the Alvaton Fire Station 1 on Old Scottsville Rd. and one at Station 3 on JFS Circle.

Pearson recommends keeping a disaster kit, medications, food, and water near you, and anything you may need if you have to leave your home, or become trapped.

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