Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Libel Suit Retrial

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COVINGTON, Ky. - The attorney for a former Bengals cheerleader suing a gossip website for alleged defamation has told jurors that his client suffered mental anguish from false and malicious posts and should be awarded money.

Opening statements were made in Sarah Jones' lawsuit retrial in Covington Jones is seeking $11 million over two 2009 posts. They said Jones had sex with every Bengals player and probably had two sexually transmitted diseases.

The attorney for the Scottsdale, Arizona based website thedirty.com told jurors that evidence will show the posts were anonymous and did not damage Sarah Jones.

A January trial in the federal lawsuit resulted in a hung jury.

The posts were unrelated to Jones' guilty plea last year to charges she had sex with an underage ex-student.

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