Executive Director and CEO of SKyPAC Leaves Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Today the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center has big news.

The Executive Director and CEO Tom Tomlinson will be leaving Bowling Green to manage a new Performing Arts Center.

SKyPAC says they are sad to see him go, but they take his new job offer as a compliment to what they've accomplished since having him there for the past couple years.

"Knowing about the job and about the job that he has done for us, we are not at all surprised that he has been given this opportunity. We just take it as a recognition of what we've accomplished and now we've got to move on and find somebody else," said Kevin Brooks a SKyPAC Board member.

The SKyPAC Board is unsure of who will take Tomlinson's place at this time, but they do believe the position will be filled quickly.

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