Expansion Brings New Jobs From The West Coast

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Business is about to pick up at RC Components in Bowling Green. The motorcycle exhaust, wheel, and parts manufacture is preparing for an expansion.

"It looks like we have a million dollar contract that is on the west coast currently and will be coming here," says Owner Rick Ball.

That contract brings new equipment as well as 15 to 20 jobs. Governor Steve Beshear stopped by the shop to congratulate Rick Ball who built the company from the ground up.

"I left Southern California, four car garage, moved here. Started at 5,000 square feet, went to 12,000, now we are at 56,000 square feet," says Ball.

The continued expansion hasn't come without hardships. A downturn in the economy in 2008 was tough on business. Changes were made and a dedicated group of employees kept the company going strong.

"We've got a great team and we have just had to pull everything back, spend less, and just really count on what we are doing and make everybody more efficient and it seems like it is starting to go the other way. We have turned around and invested in a new product line," says Ball.

Employees continue to rally around the expanding RC Components. Many say they jumped at the opportunity to work at the facility, calling it their dream job.

"10 years ago when Rick approached me with this position I was in a totally different field on a career path to graphic communications and he approached me with this position and within three hours I had him an answer . I gave up what I went to school for because of my love for motorcycles," says Chris Cross.

Owner Rick Ball says that passion for motorcycles by all his employees is what makes his company a success.

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