Expansion Underway at Briarwood Elementary

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When you see a pile of dirt, you're first thought is probably not about a growing community, but at a local elementary school that's exactly what it means.

As the community grows, so does the demand for larger schools. That leads to extensions like the one at Briarwood Elementary in Bowling Green.

"We have so many outstanding industries in this area, and people moving into this area for jobs... and we also have alot of refugee families. I believe we make up about 20 percent of the state's refugee students, so it's a really significant number, and it impacts the schools directly, but it's a challenge that we gratefully take on," said Warren County Public Schools Public Relations Coordinator Joanie Hendricks.

This kind of growth hasn't been an unfamiliar trend here in recent years. Since 2005, Warren County Schools have opened seven new schools: Alvaton, Plano, South Warren Middle and High schools, Richardsville and Bristow Elementary Schools, and most recently, Jody Richards Elementary this year. This year has had a record jump in enrollment.

"Usually we see a growth of about 300 to 400 students a year. To see 512, was a really significant increase for us," said Hendricks.

To accommodate that increase, they've broken ground on an extension at Briarwood.

"What we're looking at is an expansion of building an additional six classrooms, and then two restrooms to accommodate boys and girls," said Hendricks.

The district is also known for creating environmentally friendly and efficient schools.

"Not only are we creating a nice thing for the kids, but also benefiting the taxpayers who aren't going to have a burden of paying those expensive energy rates," said Hendricks.

Architects expect the new wings of the school to be ready for students at the start of next fall. The Briarwood Elementary construction isn't the only project the county is working on.
They are re-building the roof at Warren East High School, and it will be finished around November.

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