Explaining the Sandy Hook Shooting To Children

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In light of the recent tragedy, schools are taking precautions when it comes to explaining Friday's events to their students.

Flags are at half-staff nationwide.

And schools like, Red Cross Elementary in Glasgow increased security, while students went about a normal day.

Guidance Counselor, Marla Stewart says there is a specific way for parents to explain to their children about the shooting at Sandy Hook.

She says the amount of information you tell depends on the child's age, but it's most important not to go into too much detail.

"There was a school shooting. A bad man came into the school. He hurt some children. The bad man is no longer around. He's not going to be hurting anyone else. And just emphasize to them that they are safe," Stewart explains.

Stewart says it's only necessary to explain the shooting to a child who is asking questions.

For more information visit www.kysafeschools.org.

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