Small Cylinder Explosion at Southern Recycling

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The Bowling Green Fire Department responded to the explosion around 10:30 this morning.

Fire department Spokesperson Marlee Boenig says a track hoe operator was picking up rubbish with a claw, when he picked up a small cylinder of unknown gas.

When the jaws of the claw squeezed the cylinder, it exploded.

Workers in the area say they heard and felt the explosion from several blocks away.

"There was a big explosion and it sounded like a vehicle blew up or something, and I looked back and i seen a big ball of fire and smoke come up from the southern recycling," says Christopher Cherry of Wasco Inc. Construction.

Cherry was in a lift when the explosion happened.

"There was a strong vibration and a loud boom sound, and we thought maybe someone had fallen upstairs," says Michael Barron with Morris Jewelry.

The explosion shattered the glass in the track hoe's windshield, but there was no further damage.

We are told everyone involved is okay.

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