F-111 Pieced Together

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The F-111 arrived in Bowling Green on Friday , but the wings weren't attached to the fuselage. Sunday, workers completed assembling the aircraft despite the windy conditions. The park's mission is to display air crafts with a local tie. Arnie Franklin flew the F-111 in combat and says he's glad to be reunited with the plane once again. "To have it out there at the park, where I can go out and look at it and see it, everyday, it'll be a real thrill for me." said Franklin. The aircraft will undergo some finishing touches over the next couple weeks. During that time you can stop by the Bowling Green Regional Airport where it will be visible from the parking lot. After that period, the plane will be placed in a hanger where it will be repainted and shined up. Aviation Heritage Park will also host an open house on October 27th at Basil Griffin Park where visitors will actually be able to sit inside the planes on display.

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