FDA Recalls Pain Medication

It's known as Reumofan Plus and there are some reports saying it's still being circulated in our area.

Now, the Food and Drug Administration has recalled it.

"It was billed as an all natural supplement, but a quick search on the internet after there were complications, revealed an FDA advisory against the supplements and the medicines that were in it," said Dr. Keith Toms, Generations Primary Care.

Reumofan Plus is supposed to be a medication that treats muscle pain arthritis, osteoporosis and other conditions.

Dr. Toms has treated some patients who were on the drug that doesn't require a prescription to get.

"It includes an NSAID, which is like an naproxen or a Motrin. It includes a muscle relaxer. It includes a steroid, and it was the side effects of all these three together that were causing this patient's problem," said Toms.

It's the steroids that raise the biggest concerns.

"This drug could be very harmful for a lot of different people, but there's a special concern for people with diabetes who take this because these steroid anti-inflammatory are known to increase blood sugar sometimes very dramatically," said Christine Hanshaw, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator.

"If you are on a steroid, it suppresses your bodies own ability to produce steroids. If you then become sick, you can quickly become very ill and maybe die. That is the number one concern I have about these supplements," said Toms.

Now because of undeclared ingredients the drug is off the shelf.

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