FLU OUTBREAK: Monroe County Infected

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It's a flu outbreak a Tompkinsville doctor says spread through the children in the school system.

And now, it's now spreading throughout the entire county.

What would be a normal school day in Monroe County has now left a parking lot bare, and a highly contagious seasonal virus is to blame.

"Monday morning we had an attendance rate of 85 percent and by lunch it was 81 percent," Asst. Superintendent Amy Thompson.

In Kentucky, at least 90 percent of the student body must be in attendance for a school to make money.

Monroe County had more 350 students out of 1800 were absent yesterday.

"It's very hard for a teacher to move forward when half of her class or 20 percent of his or her class isn't it does create a struggle," Thompson says.

Students aren't the only ones experiencing this flu outbreak, a local doctor, William Carter, says its a several county wide epidemic.

"It's more than just county wide. I think the joining counties in Tennessee. I heard Macon County had 500 students out. That's huge numbers," Dr. Carter says, "Our waiting room yesterday was terrible. We had people waiting out in their cars with their cell phones, and we would call them when it was there turn to get in."

Dr. Carter says the virus is infecting entire families.

"I just got through seeing a family of six, and four of the six had it. The mother the father and two children," He says.

One patient, who was looking to get a flu shot says he couldn't find a place that had it, but Dr. Carter says the flu shot may not help at this point.

"A 90-year-old who had a flu shot ended up with both A and B, so I don't know if the flu shots are working completely with this string that's going around."

Dr. Carter suggests for people in the area to stay away from crowds. '

All Monroe county athletic events were canceled Monday night.

It is yet to be determined whether games and practices will be canceled the rest of this week.

School officials hope to re-open the doors Monday morning.

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