FOP Packs Boxes With Food For Families In Need

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Thanksgiving meals were packed at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Bowling Green Sunday afternoon.

Volunteers filled 130 boxes with food, most of which was donated by area businesses, for families who would otherwise go without a meal.

They said there's enough food to last the entire holiday weekend for a family of four.

The officers will deliver those boxes to the families Monday morning like they have done for about 30 years.

"It started off with two police officers, a guy named Martin Scott, and some others that found some families when they were on duty that really needed some help for Christmas. So they went out and in the back of their cruiser loaded up some food in a basket and took it over to their house right before Thanksgiving, and that's how it started, with one basket," said Shawn Helbig, the president of the FOP Lodge 13.

He said it's an opportunity for people to have positive interaction with police. Instead of someone being a suspect or victim, they want people to see they're there to help.

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