Family Fights For Safer Road, After Losing Loved One

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It happened in a blink of an eye, Chelsea Anders, 17, was killed in August, when the truck she was riding in crashed into a ditch on Highway 68-80 in Metcalfe county.

Now her mother Barbara and other family members are working to make the road safer.

"My lawyer told me to call everybody I could and try to even get a hold of Jack Conway, to see what we can do about getting it changed," says Barbara.

According to the police report, the truck went off the right side of the road, and Chelsea was ejected out of the open sunroof.

Marylin Perkins, owns a business on the highway, she says drivers need to slow down, "it's just the people drive to fast and don't pay attention to other people on the road. The curves are just too short and too sharp to go fast."

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says there are warning signs in place to let drivers know just how fast they should be going.

Mark Mudd, Engineering District 3 Manager says, "that speed that we recommend comes out of a scientific study and we use a ball bank indicator and traverse the curve and watch the readings on the instrument."

But for Barbara and her family they're hoping for more.

"I would like to see them stop wasting tax payers money on putting out just suggestional signs and put up signs that will actually save some body's life," she says.

The Transportation Cabinet says state law requires highways to be at least 55 mph, with the exceptions of highways and parkways.

"All the speed limits in Kentucky are governed by the Secretary of Transportation," says Mudd, "that person has to sign all of those official orders so that they are legal speed limits so that law enforcement can write tickets"

They say a speed limit can be changed if warranted, but they ask the drivers on all roads to pay attention.

For Chelsea's family, they will continue to fight for a safer road, in memory of her.

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