Family Responds to Teen's Guilty Plea

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The 17-year-old Metcalfe County teen, who's been in custody for murdering his guardians pleaded guilty Tuesday, and asked for twenty years in prison.

Family members say Christopher Endicott should serve the same sentence as an adult.

"He made an adult choice, he knew it was wrong."

When Ruby Whitefield found out Christopher Endicott was responsible for her sister's death, she thought he would get life in prison.

And when she found out he could only get 20 years, she thought her sister's memory was being short-changed.

"I want to know why-- that's the only thing that will give me peace. And the family feels the same way too cause they are like me. I still shake my head. That's my sister. We were sisters but we were like one," Ruby says.

She says Barbara and Gary Holloway took custody of Christopher to prevent him from going into foster care, and they treated him like one of their own.

"They gave him a computer, a phone, iPod, Internet, bought his cigarettes, paid for his phone every month. All he had to do was feed the pets outside," she says.

While Christopher was having trouble at school, Ruby says she never expected things to end up like this.

"I never expected him to kill them. He was stealing money from them. I knew he was doing that, but to go that far, no."

She says whether Christopher gets 20 years or life in prison, her family won't be at peace until they are able to talk to Christopher.

"We don't have closure. We all still want to know why and we may not ever know why he chose to do what he did."

Christopher Endicott will be sentenced October 27th in Barren County

If Endicott is sentenced to 20 years, he could be let out on parole in 17 years.

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