Family Seeks Justice In Seven-Year-Old Murder Case

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I thought I was going to die. That's how the mother of murder victim Rex Coffey says she felt when a decision was made January 11th to allow the alleged murderer in the case, Wellie Paul Grant to be released from custody. Now the entire community of Adair County is in an uproar feeling like a long awaited decision wasn't the right one.

"When I looked at Rex I knew that he was gone."

Imogene Coffey will never forget that fateful night in 2006. The night that her son had his life taken from him.

"When he pulled up, it blinded him and it blinded us." Rex Coffey's widow, Tammy Kassem recollects.

"He had a gun and shot him and said they were making too much noise." Imogene Coffey said through tears.

According to those there that night, Wellie Paul Grant came down from his house and shot Rex Coffey square between the eyes leaving Rex and his family helpless, hoping he could pull through. After being life flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital, things didn't look good.

""My Little Boy Blue", that was a lullaby I used to sing to him. I don't know why but I leaned over to him and sung it all the way through without any problem. It was like that I knew that it was all over." Imogene Coffey said, with a face covered in tears.

A family left in tears in sorrow soon became a family that sought justice through the court system.

"It started not too long after that. There was some motions about Mr. Grant's medical condition." commented Former Commonwealth's Attorney Brian Wright.

Grant was court ordered to undergo psychiatric observation and testing at Eastern State in Lexington where in 2007 a psychiatrist found him incompetent to stand trial. In response, Judge James Weddle stated he was a danger to society and himself. He then ordered the maximum sentence of three hundred sixty days in a mental facility. However, the decision made by Special Judge James Bowling on January 11th released grant to his home and never addressed the fears brought up in 2007.

"I thought that I'll see justice done for Rex before I leave this earth. They came in Friday (January 11) and told me that justice hadn't been done." said Imogene Coffey.

"The court took the matter under submission and just last week (January 11) issued it's order finding him incompetent and directed him to be released from custody on an unsecured bond." stated Wright.

"At times I can feel myself getting real anxious. I'm not scared." Pam Cundiff, sister of Rex Coffey, strongly stated.

"My grandchildren? My great-grandchildren? Yes, I worry about the young ones." said a tense Imogene Coffey.

The Coffey family along with the community say they feel justice hasn't been served but they hope their concerns will raise awareness and provide the momentum they need to get the decision ultimately overturned.

"Very concerned I think that a man that admitted to killing another man has been set free." said Sharon Burton who's the Editor of the Adair County Community Voice.

"Nine out of ten. They don't like it one bit, that he's been released from jail. No one wants to see a murderer out of jail." commented Lisa Clark who's' the Morning Show DJ at 93.5 WAIN.

"That's pretty point blank. I think he's a danger, I think he's a danger to society." said Tammy Kassem with a strong tone.

The decision has recently been appealed and was supposed to be brought up in court on February 1st, but due to inclement weather, it's been postponed to an undetermined date.

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