Family and Friends Hold Vigil to Remember Brandon Bradshaw on Anniversary of Shooting

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Today marked the one-year anniversary of the day off-duty Warren County Court Security Officer Tommy Brown fatally shot former Warren County Constable and SkyPAC youth educator Brandon Bradshaw in the parking lot of Michelle's Consignment boutique.

The parking lot of Michelle's Consignment looked so different from the scene a year ago when police and first responders were blocking the street, and yellow tape surrounded the area. Today, that same spot was the site of a vigil held by Brandon Bradshaw's friends and family, who gathered to remember him.

"It really seems like yesterday. It does not seem like a year at all. It's been very hard, but it's gone very fast," said close friend of Bradshaw Randall Erskine.

The scene wasn't the only thing that changed.

"Last year, as you remember, everybody had alot of anger. We were all down picketing. This was just to show that we're here to remember Brandon, and we're not here to remember what happened," said Erskine.

Along with prayers, Erskine brought a banner tonight for friends and family to sign with memories and messages for the man they called B-Rad.

"It gives us something to look back when we get upset, and see all the names and the stories, and see what he's done for everybody," said Erskine.

"He was a great base player and great best friend too... like a brother. We really miss him and we love him. I think everyday about the kids and Heidi, and Brandon's parents. I love them to death," said close friend Dale Avery.

Among those hugging and sharing tears and memories tonight, were some of the youth Bradshaw taught at SkyPAC.

"SkyPAC youth theater started with Brandon Bradshaw and treasure Island. We swear we can still hear him bouncing up the stairs. I know he's still with us, and I know his energy and love of theater and the arts in this community is still alive and well," said SkyPAC Education Director Andee Rudloff.

Rudloff says the youth theater program at SkyPAC will put on showings of the Secret Garden in his memory beginning Thursday night, and running through Sunday.

For more background on the shooting, see the related link.

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