Family of Missing American Wants Answers

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"WASHINGTON (AP) --" Bob Levinson's family wants answers - and the truth.

The former FBI agent has been held in Iran for 6 years.

His family says officials have not been totally honest about Levinson and his situation, and they're worried the U.S. may have turned its back on him.

His family has already said the CIA lied to them about Robert Levinson's work for the agency.

Now, Senator John McCain says the CIA lied to Congress as well:

"The CIA did not tell the truth to the American Congress about Mr. Levinson. If that's true, then you put this on top of things that our intelligence committees didn't know about other activities which have been revealed by Snowden."

The Levinson family argues those denials led the CIA and FBI to drag their feet on securing his release.

Security analysts say Levinson should never have been in Iran -- a so-called denied area since the U.S. has no government presence there, in the first place.

Now, the publication of his CIA links may further endanger other Americans held in Iran and accused of spying -- a favorite charge there.

Former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati has been held for two years.

A law enforcement official says an effort to set up a meeting with the FBI's new director, Jim Comey, and the Levinson family, is underway.

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