Family Members React to Morgantown Deadly House Fire

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A Morgantown family is mourning today after a house fire over the weekend killed two members of their close-knit family.

Relatives of Shannon Stamper and Homer Lee Elder say the news of their deaths still has yet to sink in.

They honestly can't fathom moving on without them, after seeing just one day before they were killed.

Autumn Davis had spoken to her aunt one day before the fire.

"I talked to her on the phone one more time, and then that was it," said Davis, niece of Shannon Stamper, granddaughter of Homer Lee Elder.

The blaze started around 6 a.m. Saturday on Horseshoe Bend Road.

A neighbor called when they saw smoke coming out of the house.

"Got the fire put down enough to where they could go in," said Davis.

That's where firefighters found 39-year-old Stamper and her grandfather, 80-year-old Elder.

She'd been caring for him for the last year because of his Alzheimer's.

When the family heard the house was on fire, their lives felt like they'd gone up in smoke.

"I jumped out of the car before it got stopped, because I saw my grandpa's window on the backside," said Davis.

"They had them covered up with white sheets. We asked them if both of them had died, and they said yes, that the smoke had took them," said Stephanie White, Stamper's sister.

Stamper's boyfriend also lived at the house, but wasn't home at the time.

"I was sitting in the Grayson County Jail. She called me. I couldn't believe it," said Johnny White.

The burning pain is all he feels.

"I'm going to miss her. A lot," he added.

Stamper and Elder were asleep when the fire started.

"They were both great people. They didn't deserve this," said Johnny.

This family is pulling together, and trying to stay strong for one another.

"There's times I want to cry and stuff, but I wanna make sure she's alright," said Davis.

The family also had to bury two dogs that were killed in the fire.

Investigators told the family it was probably an electrical fire that started in a bedroom closet.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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