Fans Excited About Petrino Hire

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There's a new man at the top of WKU football.

"Shocked it's huge for our school, to be able to get someone like him, and to have him come here to help keep us on the rise," said WKU sophomore Mason Holloran.

Western officially hired Bobby Petrino on Monday, and those in the community are excited.

"It's a pretty big splash for Western. It's definitely going to help with the sting of Taggart. Not to say it will quickly be forgotten by no means will he, but it's definitely a good sign for western to keep them going in the right direction," said Hilligans General Manager Paul Parrish.

"I'm glad to have a big name coach here. I think he'll really do a lot for the program. Good-bye Willie, hello Bobby, you know?" said WKU Senior Ty Lindsey.

Petrino has been a coach at big name schools and even in the NFL, which brings up the question, How long will he stay?

"He is definitely a winner at Arkansas for sure, Louisville as well. Are we a one year, two year school for him? I don't know only time will tell that," said Parrish.

Petrino doesn't come without a checkered past though.

He was reported to have had an affair with a staffer at the University of Arkansas, and some think he isn't trustworthy.

Nonetheless, WKU administration looked passed all of this and hired him.

"If it doesn't bother them, it definitely doesn't bother me. To me, entertainment value is going up, that's something I can appreciate. As long as he's doing what's best for the school, I think that's what is going to be a good deal," said Lindsey.

"He's got his off the field situations, but everybody deserves second chances. He messed up, and I think he realized it, maybe this is his second chance, and maybe this is his chance to prove everyone else wrong," said Holloran.

Now, the Hilltoppers have a bowl game upcoming, but more importantly they hope for many new big name recruits.

The Hilltoppers are scheduled to be in Detroit for their bowl game on December 26th, but Petrino isn't expected to coach the game.

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