Fans Gather at Local Restaurants for Super Bowl Sunday

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Sunday was the day, the NFL season was left behind, and Super Bowl fans picked one team or the other-- the Ravens or the 49ers.

Very few fans in the area have cheered either team throughout this season, but a few Ravens fans gathered to watch their team play.

"In the year 2000 when Baltimore went all the way and won the Super Bowl, that was a huge huge thing, and to see them now in the Super Bowl, and for it to be Ray Lewis' last game-- there's a lot of stories for Baltimore in this game," said long-time Ravens fan Mike Chavis.

"We know that Baltimore is the underdog tonight, but we think they are going to win for sure," said Micheal Smith, who is also a Ravens fan.

While few in the area got to root on their team Sunday night, several are celebrating the tradition the Super Bowl upholds.

"Since I was a little kid, we always did a big shindig at my house just celebrating the fact that we get to watch football. We're a football family and I love it," said football fan, Matt Fraley.

And local restaurants have traditions of breaking business records on Super Bowl Sunday each year.

"I think over the course of the last two days we've had well over a hundred pre-orders just for wings and pizzas alone here in the last little bit and that's up quite a bit from last year," Lost River Pizza Owner, Keith Coffman said.

"Super Bowl Sunday, we definitely see an increase in business. It's a time for everybody to come out and enjoy the sports. It's pretty much led up to this all year, and we expect a huge crowd tonight," said Overtime Sports Bar and Grill Manager/ Bar Tender, Seth Bailey, before the game yesterday.

Restaurants agree, Super Bowl Sunday is one of their top selling Sundays of the year.

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