Fans Optimistic About WKU's Big Game

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Kansas fans are expected to outnumber WKU fans in Kansas City and
the Jayhawks are heavy favorites in their matchup with the Hilltoppers; but that hasn't stopped some of the Hilltopper faithful from imagining their reaction to the ultimate upset.

"In my house it'd be pure pandemonium if we could pull off the win, so we're pretty excited about it." proclaimed WKU alumnus Greg Canty.

"It would be the best thing ever. If Western was to beat Kansas I'd never let it go. I'd rub it in everyone's faces. I hear about Kansas all the time. It'd be great to have Western come in here and
destroy them. It'd be my favorite thing ever." exclaimed WKU fan Austin Nash, who lives near Kansas City.

Kansas has had a strong finish to their season after running the table in the BIG 12 tournament, but the Hilltoppers also won their conference tournament. They won four straight on their way to the Sun Belt title,
leaving the fans with a world of confidence.

"They're playing their best ball right now and that's definitely when you want to be playing your best ball. To get all your players back and hope they do well." stated Greg Nash, who also lives near the Kansas City area.

"They can be down and they still try and they scrap back. I think that that's a great sign. I don't think there's anything Kansas can throw at them that they can't overcome." said Becky Hall, who is a WKU fan visiting from Louisville.

No matter the outcome of the contest there is no doubt that WKU's most recent tournament appearance will only strengthen the national recognition of the program.

"You don't really have to tell people about Western anymore. You say you're from Bowling Green and people are like, "Yeah, that's where Western is." That's pretty cool to have that kind of relation." added Austin Nash.

The odds may be stacked against the Tops but that doesn't mean a thing to the fans. They believe as they always do, that the Hilltoppers can shock the world.

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